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Day 902: Meininger Hotel Muenchen City Center, Munich, Germany

As accomodation

Nomad friendly? Yes, if you get a good locker.

  • Comfy beds
  • 6-bed and 12-bed dorms available for good price (6-bed was about 20 EUR a night)
  • All you can eat breakfast available for about 7.5 EUR
  • Snacks and water available in reception around 2 EUR
  • Big beer bottle of local beer is 3.3 EUR
  • Heating is very powerful… too hot sometimes and the radiator knobs are behind beds so if it’s late then it’s too late to change the temp.
  • Bar area with ok seating, very deep sets so not really got back support
  • Games room with pool table and darts
  • Lock rental 5 EUR deposit only.
  • Good quality shower and bathroom facilities.
  • Towels available from reception.
  • Good location, plenty of facilities around and train stations within short walking distances.
  • Next to a main road. Noise doesn’t disturb me but traffic can be heard. I was staying on level 1 though.

Security in my room was very bad – lockers are just under bed slide out drawers. They require a medium, fixed boom lock. Can hire one from reception but most of them in my room were broken and can just be easily twisted open. Maybe other rooms might be ok. I’ve stated in this chain before and had a variety of experiences but usually they have metal lockers. There’s no way around it, it’s a risky way of travel.

Your room is secured to just the six people that are staying in the dorm but its a fast moving spot and in the 4 nights I stayed, there was people coming and going, and some arriving in the middle of the night and leaving before I awoke. I’ve hardly ever actually had any issues in any hostels over the years but I’m always on security watch so this wasn’t a good situation for me, especially with it being the first outing of my new Macbook.  I walked everywhere with my laptop on my back, even going out for the evening meal, but sleeping I was exposed to it being taken from right under my nose. In the end I decided to finish off the week in Dolomit Hotel which was the first cheap hotel I found, just for a sense of security for my things.

As a coworking space

Nomad friendly? Yes, but only proper desk space for 1 person

  • Coffee available in entrance from 2EUR, espresso based machine.
  • Internet speed is only about 15mb after an initial 35mb burst, with 3mb up.
  • Good chill / communal area, I worked from the sofas one evening.
  • 3 internet terminals, two with macs available for free use, one empty bay, perfect for a pop-up office. Plug socket, privacy, desk space.
  • Terminal areas are tucked away and pretty low light areas
  • Can get a bit busy / loud during the day
  • Reception chill area with ok seating, no back support though
  • Worked from bed ok, during two evenings

The spot that I got set up with was perfect for me. They had a decent chair and desk area which looked out over the. Espresso style coffee was on hand for a few euros and with my noise cancelling headphones on I melted away into my own world.

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